A “certified” French keyboard

Version française

By reading this article (French) on Le Monde website, I was bleak to see that our people in ministries should find some justifications to their “non-work”. Indeed, in this article, we can read that the French Ministry of Culture and Communication aims at create a standard (French) to get a “French” keyboard. This standard must be discussed on an AFNOR  (French standardization agency) commission that it should show off results of these discussions between, I quoted : “the associations that protect and promote languages, the sponsors of hardware, the manufacturers and the software publishers”.

All this for what ? Many keyboard layouts already exist for French people : the common used AZERTY, but also the Canadian French (with the CAN/CSA Z243.200-92 CAN/CSA Z243.200-92 standard, that is already done in Canada), the Swiss layout… Without forget the BÉPO BÉPO layout (I use this layout daily) that matches with all the remarks raised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

At the end, what will be the cost/gain ratio of a new standardization when we know that 99% of French people use the AZERTY layout and that takes around 1 month of daily experience to be fitted to a new layout and to work with the same efficiency. Who will made the effort to change its manner to work ?

How much this already cost and how much this will be cost to the French people ? Are there no other more important things in the digital economy than a new keyboard layout ?

Our people in Ministries should blow hot air to justify their jobs and their budgets. It's quite a mess when we check the digital culture of the French politicians. There are some more importants subjects than this one.